Sennheiser HD4.50BT Ear Pads HD4.50BTNC HD4.40BT HD4.30G HD4.20S HD450BT Earpads


Get the same great sound quality from your Sennheiser headphones with these Sennheiser HD4.50BT ear pads.


Sennheiser HD4.50BT Ear Pads HD450BT / HD4.50BTNC HD4.40BT HD4.30G HD4.20S Earpads

  • Replace your old ear pads to experience the immersive sound of the HD4.50BT, and other Sennheiser headphone models.
  • Earpads are made with high-grade protein leather and high-density foam, and will seal tightly around your ears. The result is excellent noise isolation and extreme comfort.
  • Experience your favorite songs the way you know them best with these ear cushions, the way the sound sound quality was meant to be.
  • Sennheiser HD4.50BT ear pads / HD450BT replacement will not require any expertise or special tools when changing to new ones.

These replacement ear cushions have been made to fit many Sennheiser headphones (such as the HD4.50BT) perfectly. The pads have been tested to add to overall comfort and extend the life of HD4.50BT. You’ll love the way these ergonomic replacement earpads feel every time you listen to music with Sennheiser headphones.

Ear cushions compatible with:

Sennheiser HD 4.50 BT / HD450BT / HD 4.50 BTNC / HD 4.40 BT / HD 4.30 G / HD 4.20 S headphones

Package includes: 1 pair of ear pads (2pcs), Left + Right side
Color: Black
Brand: Arisim
Warranty: 1 Year

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